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Luxury isn't just for the rich! Our Luxury Restroom Trailers are the perfect solution to your problems! Our 2-Station is equipped with heating, air conditioning, bright lighting, running warm water, and even speakers for music!

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Isha B.
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"Recently rented porta potties for an event and I was super impressed! They arrived on time, and everything was sparkling clean. The crew was friendly and professional and reached out whenever there arrived and picked up the porta potties. Would definitely recommend if you're in need of reliable service!"
Amanda D.
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"I had a client this past weekend use Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers for their wedding. When they shared their contact information with me I reached out to the company to confirm delivery times and share information. The owners were extremely pleasant, very helpful and willing to work with our timeline which was incredibly helpful since it was a very last minute booking. They delivered on time, needed minimal assistance and were very nice. They explained everything. Helped to solve a few power issues on our end without even asking and even went to buy mats and cover the cords so guests wouldn't trip on them. I saved their information and will 100% be recommending them to my clients. Although they came from out of town they were not scared of the drive and their prices were very reasonable. I forsee us working together again soon. Don't hesitate in booking them for your event."
Renee P.
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"Punctual! Easy to work with! We highly recommend."
Derrick R.
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"Very impressed with the trailer restroom.. All my guests were loving this opposed to nasty normal porta potties.. The crew is very responsive and on time.. Will be renting again for sure! Thank you again!"

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Experience convenience and luxury with our portable restroom trailers. Serving Merced County, Madera County, Fresno County, Kings County, Tulare County, and Kern County, we provide top-of-the-line rental facilities for weddings, events, and more.

Is A Luxury Portable Restroom Right For My Event?

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Experience the epitome of comfort and luxury on your wedding day with our luxury portable restroom trailers. Designed to combat the scorching Central Valley California heat, our climate-controlled trailers ensure your guests stay cool and comfortable throughout the celebration. Step into the spacious interiors, where refreshing air conditioning provides relief from the outside temperatures. With thoughtfully designed layouts, high ceilings, and plush seating, our trailers offer an open and inviting atmosphere, allowing your guests to relax and freshen up in style.

Pamper your guests with our array of luxurious amenities. From premium lighting that sets a warm ambiance to high-quality fixtures that add a touch of sophistication, every detail is carefully curated to enhance their experience. With our trailers conveniently located at your wedding venue, your guests won't have to endure long lines or travel far for restroom facilities. We prioritize hygiene and cleanliness, ensuring our trailers undergo rigorous cleaning and sanitation protocols to provide a pristine and safe environment.

 When hosting family reunions, backyard parties, or outdoor celebrations, portable restroom trailers offer a practical and hygienic option for guests. They provide a private and comfortable restroom experience, eliminating the need for guests to use personal or shared facilities inside the house.

 From high-profile corporate gatherings to conferences and trade shows, portable restroom trailers offer a professional and comfortable solution for attendees. They provide a more upscale alternative to standard portable toilets, catering to the needs of business professionals.

Whether it's a music festival, food festival, or cultural event, portable restroom trailers are essential for providing adequate restroom facilities for attendees. They ensure cleanliness, convenience, and comfort in outdoor settings where traditional restroom options may be limited.

Sports tournaments, marathons, and outdoor sporting events often attract large crowds. Portable restroom trailers accommodate the restroom requirements of participants and spectators, ensuring their comfort and convenience throughout the event.

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